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Licensed Professional Inspector TREC #23076


Hello! I'm Rick Hamm, a licensed professional inspector operating out of Midland, Texas. My experience in the home and housing market began many years ago framing houses in Tulsa, Oklahoma as a teenager. Since those younger years, I have found my passion in remodeling our family owned homes and even flipping houses for resale in Midland. Through buying and selling these homes, I have learned that knowledge is the most important asset available to any buyer or seller. 


As a home inspector, my mission is to equip realtors, buyers, and sellers with the knowledge to make your home purchase or sale as transparent as possible. I am dedicated to providing a factual and comprehensive inspection report as well as thoroughly explaining the results of your home inspection.


Still have questions? I would love the opportunity to answer them! Please contact me at your convenience and I would be happy to talk you through every step of the inspection process. 


I look forward to serving you and your home inspection needs.


Rick Hamm


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