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The state of Texas does not require that you obtain an inspection report prior to buying or selling a home. However, home inspections are strongly recommended documents that can provide a clear view of the condition of the home. 

For starters, the utilities have to be on in order to conduct a home inspection. Additionally, inspectors don’t move objects to complete the inspection, however, yes, we may take the pan out of the oven to check it, but we typically don’t move furniture or items to access areas required for the inspection. We'll note that the item to be inspected was not accessible. Ensuring that we have access to all of the required items we need to inspect will allow for the most accurate and detailed inspection report. 

A home inspection will give you an idea of the property’s current condition. It will also give a  general assessment of the home’s structure, plumbing system, electrical systems, appliances, gas delivery system, interior walls & ceiling, exterior walls, roof, roof structure, insulation depth above the ceiling in attic, smoke & CO detectors, fences, gates, visual hazards, visual safety concerns, and fire places.         

The cost and duration of a home inspection can rely on several factors.  These typically include the age of the residence, the size and square footage, the amount of rooms, and whether or not the home has additional features such as a pool, hot tub, sprinkler system or any outbuildings. On average, the cost ranges from $300 - $600 and the time needed for the inspection can be from 2 - 4 hours.

It’s always recommended that the person who’s ordered the inspection be present; whether it be the buyer or the seller. It’s helpful to discuss the inspection findings in depth at the time of the inspection so that it can be seen physically, not just as a picture in the report. 

There is no such thing as a “negative home inspection”.  It is intended as a description of the property’s general condition. Some homes may need more updates or repairs than others.  Having an inspection is knowledge from the beginning of the sale; not something learned over the journey of time living in the home!  Generally speaking, home repairs can always be handled. Realtors and professional inspectors work with buyers and sellers every day, and we want to give all parties the information needed for satisfaction and a successful sales transaction.

The seller should make sure the utilities are on, nothing is blocking the attic access entries, and all sinks and electrical panels are accessible. The buyer should be available for the inspection. If there’s something that is of concern, it should be brought up during that time so that a complete explanation can be given of the home’s condition. The buyer should have a clear understanding of any concerns noted with the home.        

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